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‘Guards of Honour’ for The Saturday Paper

The interesting thing about the Chinese word for gunpowder is that it doesn’t contain the word “gun”. Historically, as with many materials eventually warped for violence, its original uses were much more positive, including celebration and ancestor worship. The Chinese term, 火药 huǒ yào, literally means “fire medicine”.


‘On Thin Ice’ for Smith Journal

Tucked away on the eastern side of Greenland, between the world’s largest national park and its longest fjord system, is Ittoqqortoormiit, an icy settlement home to just 355 people.

It’s the most isolated town in Greenland, which makes it among the most isolated places on the planet.


‘Apartment Complexities’ for The Saturday Paper

Here I am with my dark brown hair and my white-passing face looking exactly like what I am: lost. It’s night, although everything is lit so brightly the only way to tell is by looking at the sky. My left hand is clutching a small wheelie bag, and there is a satchel slung over my shoulder. I’m sweating a bit, having just caught a minibus, then a train, then another minibus, and I’m pretty sure my backpack is hitching my dress up too high.


Interview for The Guardian with Sienna Brown about her book Master of My Fate

Born a slave on Jamaican plantation in 1800, William Buchanan’s life was remarkable. After taking part in the 1831 rebellion that catalysed the end of slavery in his country of birth, Buchanan’s tragedy was that he never got to reap the benefits – instead he was imprisoned and sent as a convict to Australia, never to return…


Review of Sweatshop Women for Kill Your Darlings

Being a person of colour, a migrant, or culturally and linguistically diverse in a country like Australia where whiteness is the default, is like being an oyster. Whether the racism around you is conscious or unconscious, you are often made to feel that the things that make you unique or different are ugly, are dirty, and should thus be hidden away. So you cover it up, building shiny layer upon shiny layer. Rejecting language; being ashamed of the food your parents make you; trying to assimilate…


Cross section of work, ordered by publication

The Big Issue

  • No. 582, 2019: Book in a Visit



The Guardian


  • Issue 154: The M Window

Kill Your Darlings

The Lifted Brow




  • No. 201 – Winter 2019: A School of Fishers: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries and the Lineage of a Franchise

  • No. 200 – Autumn 2019: Breaching Bounds: The Confronting Body in Miranda Nation’s Undertow

  • No. 199 – Summer 2019: Paint and Suffering: The Delicate Art of Acute Misfortune

  • No. 198 – Spring 2018: Getting a Second Opinion: Mairi Cameron on Truth and Trickery

  • No. 197 – Winter 2018: Burning Down the House: Winchester and the Truth About Ghosts

  • No. 196 – Autumn 2018: Musical Chairs: Perspective and ‘Heavy’ Humour In Ben Elton’s Three Summers

  • No. 194 – Spring 2017: PACmentality:  Luke Walker on American Politics and Observational Documentary

  • No. 193 – Winter 2017: Horror and Gore, Honour and Glory: Hacksaw Ridge and the War Film

  • No. 191 – Summer 2017: Dream Sequence: Rosemary Myers’ Girl Asleep and Cinematic Coming of Age (Cover Story)

  • No. 190 – Spring 2016: On The Right Trek: Taika Waititi’s Hunt For The Wilderpeople and New Zealand Film

  • No. 189 – Winter 2016: Stealing The Spotlight: Robbery, Localism and the Fate of Hong Kong

  • No. 187 – Summer 2016: Cinematic Sleight of Hand: Lawrence Leung and John Luc on Sucker 

  • No. 185 – Winter 2015: Battling with Stereotypes: Maximum Choppage and Asian Representation

  • No. 184 – Autumn 2015: A Thousand Lives Together

  • No. 182 – Spring 2014: Brought to Life: The Melbourne International Animation Festival

  • No. 181 – Winter 2014: Behind the Battle Scars

  • No. 179 – Summer 2014: Writing Wrongs

  • No. 178 – Spring 2013: Seeing in the Dark

  • No. 174 – Spring 2012: Candid Cringe: Being Lara Bingle

Quarterly Essay

  • QE75: Correspondence

SBS Life

The Saturday Paper

Screen Education

  • Number 93, 2019: Antisocial Justice Warriors: Spite and Performativity in Heathers

Smith Journal

  • Volume 32: Off The Grid (print)

  • Volume 31: On Thin Ice (print and online)

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  • Issue #12: Interview with Uncle Jack Charles (print)

City of Melbourne

The Cusp

Film Ink

  • August 2012 Issue: Cunning Stunts (Page 44)

  • October 2012 Issue: Teenage Wasteland (Page 83)

  • April 2013 Issue: They Should Make a Movie of That – Night Watch (Page 53)

  • May 2013 Issue: Fanpower: The Veronica Mars Kickstarter (Page 100)

  • July 2013 Issue: Alternate Content: Cinema’s Resurrection (Page 72)


Melbourne Knowledge Week

QVWC Newsletter


  • Issue 94: Hospital Hypocrisy (Page 55)

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